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handwashing station


At Tops Septic, your comfort and convenience is our top priority. Keep your guests and employees safe with a portable handwashing station at your next event or worksite.

Even if your portable restroom has a sanitation station inside, it may not be enough to accommodate your site’s demands. Stand-alone portable handwashing stations help events and work sites flow smoothly.



Easily mobile to accommodate high-traffic areas
Quick sanitation without needing to visit a porta-potty or restroom
Shorter wait time for porta potties or restrooms


What items need to be supplied at the hand wash facility?

Handwashing stations should be equipped with the following items:

  • A clean enclosed container to hold drinkable water. ...
  • Liquid or bar hand soap (does not have to be antibacterial).
  • A greywater container to catch the water used to wash hands.
  • Single-use paper or cloth towels.
  • Covered trash container.